More frolicking; mildly better masks; a continued commitment to dressing up for a dog walk on a hot sunny day, this time possibly in a leather wrap dress?!? Maybe Ana just isn’t a very casual person, which is fine (I wish I were less casual on a daily basis, in fact), but I ask you: While she looks honestly great here, she sure has an ENDLESS supply of brand new hyper-polished dog-walking outfits available to her at Ben’s house, no? How many suitcases did she bring? How much of her wardrobe was delivered to her for just this specific purpose, and/or getting sent by a stylist or a shopper at Nordstrom? (NOTE: In the February Vanity Fair she talked about how she’d fully picked up and moved back to Cuba, but a reader said she apparently has a house in Venice, and they have ALSO been in Brentwood where he seems to live, so… who the hell knows where they are, but the answer seems to be “in multiple neighborhoods”.) If we have to put up with this, might as well go all the way and start giving us some couture, Ana.

[Photos: Shutterstock]