From the moment Hailee Steinfeld lit up the awards circuit for True Grit, she displayed a lot of poise and moxie. And then as her resources skyrocketed, she got a taste of a singing career, and she grew from a very pretty kid into a leggy beauty, she did what a lot of people would do in that position: She went a little fashion-nutty. This year, Hailee crossed back and forth from movies (Pitch Perfect 2) into music and back (Edge of Seventeen), and her clothes veered accordingly. Sometimes the risks she takes are really sophisticated, and sometimes they’re seem straight out of the Young Singer’s Handbook for How To Get Noticed. All of which is fine for a kid who’s just figuring herself out, and riding whichever career wave rolls in and looks the best. But it does make for some fashion whiplash. Let’s revisit, shall we?

Spoiler: She LOVES Elie Saab.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]