On April 11, 1988, Patricia Arquette (left) was just getting started in the biz; Rosanna was more established, having already done Desperately Seeking Susan, Amazon Women on the Moon, and Nobody’s Fool. Both of them were, unwittingly, living life as the template for Teen Witch and Blossom Russo and any number of other situations in which a person might put on a translucent hat. (If Donna Martin DIDN’T, it’s not because she didn’t want to; you KNOW this person ached for a filmy, see-through lid.) Bonus points if you see that Cadillac in the background and IMMEDIATELY think of Crocodile Dundee pulling that spoiler off the back and hurling it like a boomerang to catch a criminal.

[Photo: Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]