Well, this is kind of awkward:

2010 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

Three Pretty Little Liars stars are all arm-in-arm cozy on the blue carpet, and poor old Troian Bellisario is stuck off to the side, looking like she just got a text message from her show’s mysterious “A” that warns her not to touch anybody or else Secrets Will Be Revealed. Much like her midsection: While I like the idea and the rest of her look, I can’t decide if that center strip is cute, or a the work of an out-of-time Project Runway designer who tried to lengthen what would’ve been a gown at the Party City’s in-house gynecologist by adding string and fabric swatches. Perhaps she and Ashley Benson, the blonde, were sabotaged by whoever plays the shadowy, vindictive A, as Ashley’s dress — while also cute-adjacent — has me wondering if a very small animal stepped in paint and then danced around her right boob. At least Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell over there on the right seem to have escaped trouble, unless the night ended with their enviable hair getting stuck in a blender and turned into a daiquiri.