It must be hard growing up out of the Disney factory, because once you get to the Britney “not a girl, not yet a woman” years, you risk either looking too adult too fast, too juvenile for too long, or — kind of like Miley — taking the “LOOK AT ME I’M SO MATURE” approach that just makes people’s insides hurt. So I applaud Selena Gomez for trying to walk the line, and looking polished, not random:

2010 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals
But I’ve never really been a fan of sleeves that double as bracelets. And even though I know the shoes are trying to play on the whole Grecian theme, they look incredibly painful to me — like a basketweaver recently held her hostage. 
Parenthetically, I am now amused at the idea of some random basketweaver somewhere deciding to kidnap all the Disney starlets because he/she believes that if Selena Gomez is shown on TV walking home from Safeway with two baskets of food over her arm, instead of those cloth bags, he/she will reap MILLIONS and FINALLY the almighty basket will gets the respect it’s due. (Please do not confuse this with me rooting for anybody to get kidnapped. Basketweavers, or weavers of any sort, keep your supplies to yourselves.)
Let’s take a look at the back before we make up our minds.

2010 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

That looks like someone put a disco ball in the microwave. So as much as I appreciate the attempt at gentle, classy edge — and do think white suits her really well, for which I am envious, as I cannot be trusted with that color ESPECIALLY if there is anything nearby into which I can bump; if I were her, it wouldn’t be Sonny With A Chance so much as Sonny With A Chance Of Meatballs** — I think I know where my vote is going.
** WAIT. I just realized Sonny With A Chance stars Demi Lovato, not Selena Gomez. See? It’s REAL, America. I CAN’T TELL THEM APART.