People wear the same designer to an event all the time, but with something this distinctive, it feels like a strange choice to let these two ladies face off in matching palm trees. Then again, I will remember them both, so maybe the designer is a total genius for doing it.

First, Disney Channel’s Bella Thorne.

If we hacked off the black sleeves, or fitted them so that they didn’t look like a surgically altered sweatshirt, then I’d quite like this. For an event where people hand out surfboards, the whole palm tree/sky/ocean thing makes sense without being overly adorable.

Lily Collins picked a more dramatic version:

This is actually a shirt by someone else, paired with the Fausto Puglisi skirt. To me this isn’t as cute as the first version, per se, but it is amusingly dramatic. My first instinct was to take the train to the scrapyard, but I do like that it’s black on the back and pink-toned on the underside. It’s a new spin on the high-low thing, and if I have to look at that again, it might as well be fresh.

Also, let’s give a nod to whomever did her hair:

That is huge. If Max Greenfield WERE Schmidt, he would be powerless against the force of that bouffant. I just know it. I sense that Schmidt has a weakness for cranial puffs.

And you can see here how a toned-down version of the skirt would’ve worked; I think the giant hair actually sings more when there is less happening everywhere else, but again, I applaud the Go Big instinct. It’s perhaps more properly suited to the premiere of her macabrely titled movie, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, than an awards show that’s frothy and light and essentially designed to give hugs to Things That Make Teens Scream Lots Of Vowel Sounds.  But I am not as mad at it as I expected to be. Are you?

Whose do you like better?

  • Bella's as-is (8%, 239 Votes)
  • Lily's as-is (34%, 1,042 Votes)
  • Bella's, with changes (31%, 949 Votes)
  • Lily's, with changes (27%, 817 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,047

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