I weirdly kind of like this.

I think it’s because I’ve just created an alter-ego for Rita Ora in my imagination, where she is a bad-ass business lady who marches into the office and gives everyone totally brilliant orders, right off the cuff, and doesn’t take anyone’s shit, and the Xerox always works for all, and her underlings say things to each other like, “I love her and I think she’s so smart but is it sort of weird how she’s really REALLY into being so coordinated all the time? Oh, shit, here she comes. Hand me the TPS reports!”

But if her suit is Brightly Coordinated Business, her shoes at least are ready for a party:

I am on record as being sort of Platformed-Out, but….these might be an exception.  I am a magpie. THERE IS GOLD INVOLVED.

[Photo: Getty]