I am so happy that this show is finally returning to us. Its core goodness is something we could all use more of, and in case you didn’t see it, TV writer Mike Ryan shared the story of an unprompted e-mail of concern and comfort that Jason Sudeikis — whom he only knew professionally — sent after the death of Mike’s dad. The piece spends a lot of time reassuring everyone that the e-mail was not a PR attempt by Sudeikis and that they aren’t secret best friends, and that everything here is as it seems: Sudeikis simply encountered someone who was really f’ing going through it, and that stayed with him, and he couldn’t help but reach out a hand. The last two paragraphs, where he ties it back to their conversation about Sudeikis’s movie Kodachrome in a really meaningful way, have stuck with me. I know that sounds promotional but it isn’t. It’s just… as I said on Twitter, it’s an act of basic caring about another human, which shouldn’t feel revolutionary, but these days truly does.

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