Taylor won some kind of Dick Clark Award for General Stellarness, and she was very well-spoken and gracious, and that’s one of the reasons I can’t ever really get sick of her. She means well, she’s a hard worker, she can string two words together… If I had a daughter, she could do a lot worse than to look up to Swifty.

And Swifty could do a lot worse than this dress, but she could also do a lot better. And has. I almost prefer the Unitard of Doom to this, because at least that was sort of… pert. This is a beautiful color, but a snoozy design. I want to keep the skirt and send the rest back to Michael Kors with instructions that he should redo it or else receive a Singing Telegram from Heidi Klum in which he is ceremonially Auf’d.

Is it working for you?

  • I think she looks totally cute (7%, 388 Votes)
  • I think she's making it work, at least? (16%, 900 Votes)
  • I think it had potential but needs modifications (49%, 2,677 Votes)
  • I think it's the worst (28%, 1,540 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,505

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