So, about a year ago I decided to move back to my hometown. This was not a LONG move — it was from one bit of Los Angeles County to another bit of it. But it coincided with a profound shift in my life experience; namely, the local oldies station deciding that now is the time for them to add music from my high school years to their regular rotation. This is obviously horrifying, but it also means that I have never lived in this town without being about to drive around listening to Nirvana on the radio, as if this place exists only in a wormhole of the space/time continuum where it is perpetually 1993. Judging from Taraji’s dress, she’s in a similar wormhole — it’s just that instead of KRTH and Nirvana, she’s stuck in the section of Contempo Casuals circa 1999 where you’re not quite sure where you’re supposed to wear this dress but you know that it’s going to look amazing with about seventy whimsical barrettes in your hair and a lunchbox as a purse.

[Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE PICTURES/]