Apparently Sutton Foster wrote a book over the pandemic about how crafting has helped her mental health, which is both wholesome AND relatable.  (From what I can tell, it’s a memoir AND a crafting book, which is clever.) And she promoted it last night — a live book event! REVOLUTIONARY! — with Amy Sherman-Palladino who was, yes, wearing a top hat at said event. I did not buy the photo of her in her top hat because you can easily imagine it. (Per Sutton’s Instagram, she crocheted ASP a tiny top hat as a thank you gift, which is extremely adorable.)

ANYWAY, Sutton’s Book Promotion Dress here is very fetching and sometimes I just like to (a) admired a nice patterned day dress and (b) show you people’s cute shoes:

Sutton Foster In Conversation With Amy Sherman-Palladino

As noted: Cute!

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