I get that baggy suits are the thing now, but this — on Upload’s delightful Andy Allo — is taking “disproportionate” to a new level. She looks a bit like she’s from an elite group of paratrooping accountants, who leap out of planes and drop onto the roofs of the people who are having the most trouble doing their taxes. Now, maybe she’s just petite in stature and that’s why this coat looks like it might be Shaq’s — or, maybe that’s just where we’re headed. Look at it next to a tailored suit, on her costar Zainab Johnson:

'Upload' stars visit The Empire State Building, New York, USA - 17 Mar 2022

It’s even more pronounced. Next thing you know, the closing scene of Big — where Josh Baskin shrinks back to his kid size and shuffles home in a grown man’s suit — will be heralded as the most chic fashion inspo.

[Photos: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock]