My initial reaction to this was a big WAH-WAAAAH.

MOCA's Annual Gala
It’s so plain, so crinkled, so Emily Webb marrying George Gibbs and then — SPOILER — wearing it through her funeral and during a spectral stroll through a day from her past. And Kiki is ALIVE and VITAL and should be inspiring us to do more than sit in a chair and sniffle about how Emily and George never got their forever. But the thing is, I have to give this credit: The vintage aura somehow also totally suits her. I mean, it’s not like Lady Gaga or Meryl Streep or Miley Cyrus is parading around in this; it’s very Kirsten, so in that sense, even if this might be at Defcon 1 levels of mustiness, I also think it’s possible La Dunst knocked this out of the park.