Since the poster for her new movie Black Swan is basically a close-up of her made up to be the love child of Darth Maul and Cruella de Vil, I’m not surprised Natalie Portman went in this direction at an event for it:

AFI FEST 2010 Presented By Audi -
She’s so clean and youthful and ladylike, as if she’s afraid you’re not going to nominate her for an Oscar unless you look at her and then say, “Damn, that spring-fresh breeze was the same person who carried this erotic ballet thriller? WHAT UP, BEST ACTRESS!” And yet her shoes are statuette-colored. Savvy, Portman. Savvy. Okay, maybe she just wore something she liked with some heels she’d just acquired, but I like my explanation better, mostly because I got to use the phrase “erotic ballet thriller.” 
Here’s the more grown-up look she sported at a MOMA gala:

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 2nd Annual Governors Awards

The dyed-to-match prom platform shoes are a major demerit in my eyes, but the rest? I can’t decide. It’s either such a romantically draped demi-nightie that it makes eggplant seem like 2010’s most sensual vegetable, or she got attacked in her sleep by a sea anemone that skipped its last month of Shoulders Anonymous meetings.