Walter van Beirendonck is a Belgian designer, influential in his country. His Wikipedia lists names for his menswear shows like “WHAMBAM,” “OWLS WHISPER,” “Crossed Crocodiles Growl,” “WITBLITZ,” and the simple, “WOW.” Oh, and one called “WOEST,” a Flemish word for “furious.” That looks SO satisfying to yell. And this collection is just… so very odd. It begins with coats that have inflatable pustules, and then zooms through wacky makeup, some bangs that are really more like blinders, knit neckbraces, alien masks?!?, and… I don’t even know, cartoon llamas vomiting snakes? All I know is, Gucci still needs a lead designer, and I think ALL our lives would get more interesting if they threw a billion dollars at this dude.

[Photos: Spotlight]
Tags: Menswear, runway