Solange may not be the loudest of the Knowles sisters, but she’s got no less to say. Glamour honored her because of the significance of her album A Seat at the Table – Solange wrote a personal essay about it for the magazine — which was as politicized and incisive as the more widely dissected Lemonade.¬†And I think it takes just as much guts, if not more, to tell the challenging stories when you have a smaller and shakier platform — because it’s much easier for people to turn down your volume or take that platform away. That Solange as the less bankable and more commercially risky Knowles did it anyway, and persisted and gained renown and won a Grammy for her musical statement, is very much to her credit and I admire her a lot. And I LOVE that she did not tone down the Solangitude when she came out to accept this. Yes, okay, that slit in the front is going 100 miles per hour on a very perilous road, but she also holds the stage compellingly. And that’s kinda Solange in a nutshell, isn’t it? She finds a way, and it’s always to her own rhythm.

[Photo: Stephen Lovekin/WWD/REX/Shutterstock]