Bless her: Solange tweeted out four different photos this weekend of potential ensembles for tonight’s big Met Gala, and asked Twitter which one it thought she should wear. She later put up a poll, claiming the responses were stressing her out, but has since deleted both tweets as a way of closing the vote. Last I saw, #2 was winning, and I think that’s correct. She looks downright regal in that, and I love the halo look — which is not unfamiliar for her, given that she wore a similar hairpiece on SNL in 2016. Regardless, I love Solange’s wacky taste, but I really love it when she slays in something genuinely gorgeous, and so I hope she paid Twitter some heed. The white gown is it for me; #4 came in second, which I think is actually just the same dress as the first, but with the different lid. Gotta love crowdsourcing the fashion Prom.

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