I just thought to myself, “what does Sofia Carson even do anymore?” I thought she was a very likeable and pleasant red carpet host at the Golden Globes that one time, and she seems so sweet and congenial at all her public appearances; do you think she was up for Lily Collins’s part inĀ Emily in Paris? (I only ask this because she and Collins resemble one another, really.) (I looked it up and she’s in an upcoming Netflix movie with Taron Egerton and Danielle Deadwyler so that seems good.)

Anyway, this look is part of a Giambattista Valli couture collection that Heather called tailor-made for Sofia, and indeed, here we are! She looks nice! (Although I liked it better without the gloves, as it was on the runway.) Her red lip is PERFECT. The back of it is appealing:

2023 UNICEF Gala

Emily would have added a hat, though.

[Photos by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images]