This dress was such a fabulous surprise. I wouldn’t have thought to put the pink striped fabric with the screaming chartreuse, but the styling — lipstick, earrings, ring — and Teyonah’s glowing grin just make it sing. It’s a celebration of a dress, but it also still manages to be an equal celebration of her. Christian never shies away from drama, at all, and it makes the red carpet a more joyous place to be (or, to observe). I don’t understand why every human in Hollywood doesn’t have him on speed dial, especially when you compare gowns like this to the transparencies of that dour Dior era, for example. He’s the sartorial glow to their sartorial glower, and we need an injection of that as soon as we can get it. This will have to tide us over until then.

[Photo: Getty]