I open here, as I did in 2014, with a close-up of Rihanna’s gorgeous face so that you didn’t get a surprise faceful of nipples today. And also it’s just a very good face!

Here is this entire look. You remember it!

Celebrity Arrivals at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC

At the time, I said, among other things:

Can this finally be the death knell of the sheer trend? BECAUSE HOW MUCH MORE SHEER CAN WE GET? Is this not THE MOST SHEER that we can, as a people, TRULY ACCOMPLISH? Have we not reached the OUTER LIMITS OF SHEER? Should not every other sheer dress put down its sheer sword and surrender? All that sheer longs to be and hopes to do has now been DONE. SHEER MUST NEEDS DIE TONIGHT BECAUSE NOTHING CAN BE SHEERER THAN THIS.

Narrator: Sheer did not die that night.

I also said that I thought her head looked amazing, which I obviously still stand by. If there is anything true about Rihanna, it is that her extreme gorgeousness helps her pull off so many different things. And in comparison to what we’ve seen on celebrities over the last six years, this feels honestly pretty elegant…if still very naked. Which is why now I think my biggest overall note is that I just kind of wish her undies had been bedazzled, too.

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