Informative Caption is very informative today:

Actress Carroll Baker causes a stir by arriving at the premier of her film “The Carpetbaggers” in an evening dress with a transparent top. Her fans went wild and broke through the police cordon mobbing her as she arrived at the cinema at the Plaza in Piccadilly Circus, London, UK. The dress was designed by Balmain.

You know someone over Balmain is like, “wait, what? Hang on, let me write this down!” Because truly, if someone wore this today, it wouldn’t seem out of place. Can’t you imagine Lady Gaga showing up in this? Well…actually, Gaga is rarely that nipple-forward.  (I do think she’d love the cloak.) Maybe more like Bella Hadid at Cannes — that works. That totally works.  Picture it. You can.

I’m not familiar with this movie, but Wiki describes her role in it as “a hedonistic widow” and this….works for that.  (Folks have been dressing thematically for premieres for a long time and I cannot imagine this wasn’t designed as part of the film’s PR press.) The film’s Wiki goes into greater detail and says, “The film is a landmark of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, venturing further than most films of the period with its heated sexual embraces, innuendo, and sadism between men and women, much like the novel, where ‘there is sex and/or sadism every 17 pages.'” The movie sounds extreeeeeeeeeemely dramatic and trashy and I suspect it has not aged well but I might want to pick up the book at the library sale. I will not risk my nipples so dramatically when I head over there, though.

(Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)