Full disclosure: I liked this a teensy tiny bit better when I thought the sleeves were just pushed up and not short, but I cannnnnnnnot emphasize enough how teensy tiny I mean. Like, on the level of thinking Chris Evans was going to be doing shirtless yoga on your balcony for Reasons, and then realizing that it’s actually Chris Hemsworth. You’re still VERY PLEASED.

This whole look makes me want Shailene to get a gig playing a bad-ass, smart-mouthed boss in something — like, a rival editor to Diana on Younger, or an intensely (unrealistically) stylish and cutthroat journalist on Succession who is making everyone’s lives hell. I basically want her to get paid to stomp around looking like this daily, dropping clever bon mots, and then jamming on her sunglasses and sweeping out. Doesn’t that just look fun?!

[Photo: BauerGriffin/INSTARimages.com]