Listen, I really like Kristin Davis. I liked her on Sex in the City — where I feel like she had to do a lot of dumb stuff and generally managed to pull it off in a way that didn’t make Charlotte look like a dumb person, if that makes sense — and I liked her on Melrose Place, because how to you dislike a character who cracks her head open on the side of the pool and dies and then haunts Billy for approximately 36 hours before heading off to the astral plane, or whatever? She has good hair. And she looks about ten years younger than she really is (she is 47), and she has a habit of dating smart blowhards (Alec Baldwin, and now Aaron Sorkin), which makes me feel sympathetic because who HASN’T gone through a period of dating smart blowhards?

Which is why I wish we were friends, and if we WERE friends and I was over at her house when she was putting this on, I would say something friendly like, “oooh, I think I liked that top better with jeans. And those pants better at yoga. You’re so pretty. Am I allowed to make fun of Newsroom yet?”