Jaimie Alexander may have attended this premiere with her then-boyfriend Peter Facinelli’s 16-year old daughter. I can’t say for sure, but Jaimie was there, and the daughter was there, but Peter was not; it seems LIKELY therefore that Jaimie either escorted her or at least promised to make her presence known and keep an eye on her. And I mean, I don’t know their lives, Live and Let Thigh, etc. But for ME sounds unimaginably awkward to spent the night with the intricacies of my bikini wax on full display, while either with or near the teen kid of the guy I’ve been dating for a year. Or on the flip side, if I were the kid I would also seriously side-eye my dad’s girlfriend showing up in a dress that screams, “Ready to go? How does my pelvis look?” But hey, Jaimie and the Fac got engaged two years after this, so maybe it went super well! Maybe they’re all huge Showgirls fans. Behold:

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But the Showgirls poster has better lines. The dress manages to be both naked and a little boxy.

And butt-y:

Maybe there IS a life lesson here. Maybe 16 is the time in any Hollywood teen’s life when she needs to understand the art of walking — and walking in — this particular buttockial tightrope.

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