It’s bad enough that, for an overseas premiere of Hotel Transylvania 2, Selena Gomez got stuck with a frock that looks like its maker threw it together on an hour’s sleep after binge-watching 27 Dresses twelve times. “I’ll make one that can be worn again,” he or she thought, feverishly, as the needle flew through the satin until a tragic two-piece bag was complete. But as if this ill-fitting slog were not enough, Selena was stuck promoting a movie with Adam Sandler. Who might be the nicest person in the world — I have never met him — but who often simply refuses to try:

Mexico Summer of Sony, Cancun, Mexico

So he apparently decided he can show up in sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt, and Kevin James can roll up looking like he’s on his way to a tee time at the pitch-and-putt. But Selena and their cohort (who I believe is a producer, but who was mistakenly identified by Informative Caption as Fran Drescher?!?) are clad for a cocktail party. The director on the left is halfway in between but at least making an effort; still, I feel badly for Selena that her sense of professional responsibility led her not to hurl this dress out the window, only for that to be repaid by having to stand between two dudes who chose Formality Level: Backyard Game of H-O-R-S-E. If she ever does another movie with him, I hope she shows up in yoga pants and/or a wine cardigan to every single premiere.

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