I’m guessing this is Narciso Rodriguez, as she hit the red carpet with him. Although I chose a picture that had a more interesting floor in it, because obviously.

I understand the aesthetic they’re going for here, in part because Narciso used to do this sort of thing very well, but also because we’ve seen this basic idea a few times now. And it’s been more effective in those other treatments, in part because I think that top — to really sell itself — needs more of a cigarette pant. A tank top with a train should have the contrast of the snugger bottoms; hers billow too much, so the volume on the bottom feels kerflooey all around. I also am distracted by the fact that we can see toes but no strap, like we caught her in the lobby of her building on the way home and she’d already kicked off her shoes. In short, it’s The Good Wife Season 7 in outfit form: A letdown, and potentially too impressed with itself to really stand back and check its work.

[Photo: Getty]