I don’t even remember what Sarah was promoting here, but I believe it was one of the American Horror Story seasons. And she was in a meshy mood that weekend, beginning with this Honor ensemble that combined two pieces from two different runway looks — and it’s obvious. White and off-white together only make one of them look dingy, like it was stored badly in an attic, and the top is like some weird Colonel Sanders Prom cosplay. But this was just the tip of the meshy iceberg:

Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration - Arrivals

I believe we have the same shoes, but in black, and then MESH PLUS. Maybe Sarah gets really hot at these evening Entertainment Weekly shindigs, and was stressing about what to wear until she got an email from her stylist with “Mesh Plus by Lela Rose, For the Well-Ventilated Lady” as the subject line. “Eureka!” she may have screamed. “My thighs will breathe again!”

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