If this looks familiar, it’s because its relative is about to appear in Fug Madness on the back of Alexa Chung (and that, itself, was kin to a blue thing Sienna Miller wore). It didn’t get derailed into Pajamatown like hers did; there’s a small mercy for you. I like it. Do I love it? Probably not. Prada, for me, is so often all about pretty ideas that then step on themselves, and this is no exception — for example, that ruffle is nice, but starting so high makes it look like it’s actually a napkin she tucked into her belt at dinner and then left there by mistake. I also can’t decide if the sleeve length is quite right; the other two outfits make me wonder if this originally had feathers on the cuffs too, and Sarah used the Golden Power of Veto. The marabou was too much on pants and sleeves, but a wee trimming of it here might’ve been okay.

Overall, I think it manages enough elegance without tumbling down the hill after its siblings into costumey territory. Does it miss a little spice? Maybe, but not EVERY meal can sear your taste buds into fizzy oblivion.

[Photo: Courtesy of Prada]