Michael Kors has been turning out some dreamy work lately, and while this coat could also easily be imagined as bed linens or I guess on the walls of a slightly aggressive half-bath, as you know we don’t always mean that as a negative. To me, it’s the perfect thing to wear in January, as winter still rages but we’re on the downhill slope to spring. And I also appreciate that it doesn’t quite go with whatever she’s got on under it, which gives this less of an aggressively styled look, in favor of, “I just found this and really LIKED IT and wanted to wear it and it’s a coat so who cares if it goes.”

Then, later:

'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' TV show, New York, USA - 18 Jan 2019

I like the DRAMA of the cute cocktail dress underneath and then the giant fluffy floofball, which ALSO does not quite go because her velvet shoes appear to be maroon and the coat is more of a Hairy Tomato situation. Her lip situation should have been designed with the accessories more in mind — it ought to be as dramatic as the outerwear! — but at least that thing looks warm. It would be like living inside a massive throw pillow. I hope she did indeed throw herself onto every couch she passed.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]