I have to admit that I actually really like this, though it seems like it might be a bit chilly in Berlin in January for a slip dress and strappy sandals. (I would love to see more seasonal variety in premiere looks, even if that means merely sleeves.) More than anything, though, I kinda feel for Saoirse — I mean, not really; she’ll be absolutely fine, it’s not like someone is trying to frame her for murder — in the sense that it has to be kind of a drag traveling around to promote a movie that is, if not exactly a flop, sort of a… gentle thud? Like, “Hello, I am here, it turns out people didn’t care that much about this movie and I’m pretty sad I didn’t end up in The Favourite instead. Anyway, it’s all going to work out, my next film is the Greta Gerwig Little Women in which I play Jo. Get ready to get mad about Amy burning my manuscript again for the first time!”

[Photos: HAYOUNG JEON/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock]