So far I’m one for two on Sandra Hüller’s Oscar movies — I covered Anatomy of a Fall in today’s Drinks With Broads, but haven’t tried Zone of Interest yet. Kevin saw it in the theater and found it fascinating, but because it’s a movie whose approach apparently is rooted in very little happening, he said, “I have no idea how you watch that movie at home on the couch, with easy distractions.” Obviously, therefore, I’m going to do it and report back. Hüller meanwhile attended the premiere looking like she sprinted three miles and across a farm just to find some grain sacks. But then she had to run back home, and the bottoms of the sacks gave out, so now she has nowhere to keep her grain AND no time for dry shampoo. She wears them now as a macabre reminder that maybe she should have just gone to Target and bought some canisters.

[Photo: Gerald Matzka/Getty Images]