People can debate until they’re Smurfy with exertion whether Orange Is The New Black belongs in the comedy or drama category — and honestly, the show itself sometimes changes its mind on that from season to season, or episode to episode. It’s a very artful blend of laughs and heartbreak; Lori Petty alone made me feel both of those things in the same five seconds. I would argue that the occasional gut-punching moments of sadness make what’s clever and funny shine that much more powerfully, and so I tend to view it as a comedy, but you could also perhaps argue the reverse — that what’s funny in that show makes the drama hurt more. It’s one of those few arguments where both sides may be right.

Regardless, one consistent thing is that the cast is flawless. Every character feels lived-in — no mean feat when they’re juggling so many and have to add more. So whether the ensemble wins in the comedy category, as it did last night, or a drama category doesn’t matter so much to me. I feel like it’s deserved no matter what.

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