Two years ago, Lupita Nyong’o wowed and delighted everyone at the SAGs with her festive and cheerful striped Elie Saab (and, later, her deployment of great glasses). And now Michelle Dockery has picked up that ball and served an ace. She and Yara Shahidi are my personal front-runners for best-dressed. I had called the runway version of this for Emma Stone or Elizabeth Banks, but I’m delighted that The Lady Dockers found it, as it’s such a fresh choice for her; our Lady Mary now gets to be a little more playful and a little more naughty on-screen, and maybe it’s spilling over onto her wardrobe racks. Note to stylists and starlets alike: The Internet will ALWAYS be a sucker for a bold pattern like this, please, feel free to feed that beast. Note to Elie Saab: You should keep feeding it too.

[Photo: Getty]