Kerry is one of those people who plays around with her styling so much that I just cannot predict, EVER, what she will wear to anything. I would never have called this. She looks like a mermaid who’s semi-pissed that the Sea Witch incarnated her as a desert priestess. She’s going to use her powers for good, sure, but the deal was supposed to be that she’d get to swim at the Olympics and she feels shorted.

It’s also such a contrast to what Kerry wore the night before at the Producers Guild Awards:

Kerry Washington

Wildly different hair length, and the opposite end of the color spectrum. If the SAGs look was an Avenging Earth Angel kind of affair, this suggests that she has just tromped on horseback through the apocalypse and its four stallions took a machete to her riding coat. I’ve clearly been watching too much Victoria.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]