Well, whatever you think of Casey Affleck and the various things he’s been accused of doing — or even just his attitude about it in the press — it’s likely Brie Larson is of one mind with me: At the Globes she looked downright skeeved at having to present him the award, and her face telegraphed dread at having to do it two more times. Brie was similarly somber when she approached the podium last night, but when she opened up the envelope, I swear she read it twice just to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. She has feelings about that situation, and with people being so frustrated at the press for swallowing its words about things because he is — or was? — a presumptive Oscar winner, I think it’s both risky and cool of her to let her face do the talking that few others would. Honesty: It’s what’s for dinner.

And on that tip, unfortunately I’m going to tell the truth about her dress: The fit on her body is lovely, but WHAT was Jason Wu doing with the neckline? It’s like he’s never designed for a woman before — yet we know he has, because he’s been so successful with so many of them. How could he not have foreseen that the asymmetry on this bodice would make Brie’s right breast look like it was going totally rogue? Did Anna Kendrick suffer in vain at the Golden Globes? It’s as if she’s got Sleep Number boobs and one side has a different setting than the other so that it stops snoring in public.

[Photo: Getty]