It’s so nice to have Harry back in the country. Also in today’s round-up: A NEW event from Kate, dating from this morning — timing-wise, it just made sense to pop her into Royals Round-Up rather than give her a solo post — more flight suits, giant hats, and one really weird Dutch bank.

As a bit of housekeeping: Harry, Wills, and Kate are set to attend Saturday evening’s rugby World Cup match, and I will cover it here over the weekend but MAYBE not until Saturday night, depending on how late the photos trickle in/my real life schedule on Saturday.

ALSO: you have less than a week to nab The Royal We e-book for $3.99 before the price pops back up, so procrastinate no more!



  •  Finally, the official Kensington Palace Instagram has video of Harry doing some construction work, if you need that for…reasons (get your cursor over the image and you’ll get a play button, if you’re not seeing it):