Friends, Fug Nationals, Countrymen and women: We are in England right now, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, which is TOMORROW! There will be much coverage over the weekend, but also make sure you’re following us on Instagram for up to the minute visuals, such as they may be. We’re also going to have a big open post tomorrow for everyone to chat in, and discuss, during the ceremony and until we get proper posts up. Also: I believe Heather and I will be on CNN at some point tomorrow in their pre-wedding coverage, in the very dawn hours — probably so very dawn that many of you in the Pacific Time Zone might still be awake/it will still be Friday for you? Flip over and check for us every now and then (I don’t have an exact time now but I believe we’re going on at 7am London time).

What happened here at GFY this week? MUCH wedding prep! Like:

We laid our bets as to who we think will design Meghan’s dress!

We looked at everything she’s worn since she and Harry got engaged!

We recapped the Lifetime Harry & Meghan movie! 

And we looked back at 10 years of royal wedding gowns.

And elsewhere — or, in short, the Ballad of Thomas Markle:

Okay, I am in London, so I don’t have one whole article that’s comprehensive about this pulled,  so I’m just going to run down the Markle thing myself and we can continue to discuss: He was coming to the wedding, then he wasn’t coming when it was discovered that he (via Samantha Markle) posed for set-up snaps for the paparazzi, then he said he’d actually had a heart attack so he couldn’t come, then he WAS coming, and then he had heart surgery yesterday and now ISN’T coming for sure. What a PALAVER. (Samanta Markle is now also claiming that she was chased by the paparazzi and injured and honestly I think she is totally full of it.) I really feel very bad for Meghan; having this all happen the week of her wedding is a nightmare and I’m sure she’s also REALLY SAD that her familial relationships are so complicated. HER SISTER IS ALSO TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

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Doria met Chaz and Cams this weekend and I decided that Camilla and Doria are going to hit it off.

Jasmine Guillory wrote this very very charming piece for Cosmo that you will enjoy: The Cosmo Fairy Tale: Royal Wedding Edition.

Per Celebitchy: Chelsy Davy & Pippa Middleton were not invited to Harry & Meg’s wedding after-party

Here’s your wee bridal party, via People.

People also reports that Doria has been sighted with a Burberry bag, making people think that she might be wearing it for the big day; my thought is that Burberry is a very good choice, but her wedding gown might have been here in London already and very possibly was NEVER in LA? (She also might just…own a Burberry dress bag.) I mostly just want her to look amazing.

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At Town & County: Inside Cliveden House, the Hotel Where Meghan Markle Will Spend the Night Before Her Wedding

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