Oh, this is one juicy Royals Round-Up! I bring you SO MUCH polo, plus TIARAS! And bums! A VERY chic Letizia. And JOAN COLLINS. All that being said: Although Maxima and W-A are here in the US currently,  they haven’t been well-covered by US media — Getty Images, our primary photo provider (and, by far, the largest one in the world) didn’t seem to send out a photographer, so I have very few shots of them, unfortunately. I’m bringing you what I’ve got, though, and they will be well covered in the links. I know some of you saw her/shook her hand/attended some of their events, so please give us the scoop in the comments!

A reminder: We’re appearing at the Printer’s Row Lit Fest tomorrow — Saturday –at 1pm,  chatting with Elizabeth Fenner, Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Magazine.  Tickets are required for all parts of the event, even the signing (contrary to earlier intel; we hugely apologize for any confusion) and they are $2. You can buy them here, although they may be sold out at this point: https://www.tribtix.com/e/printers-row-lit-fest-pass-event-go-fug/tickets   That said: no-show seats become first-come, first-served, 15 minutes prior to the chat beginning, so if you find yourself in the area at 12:45 with some time to kill, pop on by and see what happens! We can’t wait to meet you!

And elsewhere:

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]