The good news: Various royal personages DID leave the house this week, and many of them were cute tiny children. The better news: The annual Royal August Drought is ALMOST over, and Harry and Meghan have a ton of stuff already scheduled for September. We just have to obey American poet laureates Wilson Phillips and hold on.

Elsewhere of potential interest:

At Vanity Fair: Meghan Markle Might Finally Call on Her Mom to Resolve Her Family Drama. I feel like Doria has been thinking, “NOW YOU ALL KNOW WHY I DIVORCED HIM!” on a loop for the last several months.

Also at Vanity Fair: They’re probably going to put Meghan’s wedding dress on display at Windsor. (As they did Kate’s at Buckingham Palace.) Go see it!

Speaking of Harry and Meghan, apparently they spent last weekend at Lake Como with George and Amal and obviously I’m REAL ENRAGED that I wasn’t invited to this!!!!! Our alleged intern and the couple whose romance we magicked into being OWE US A WEEKEND IN ITALY!! [US Weekly]

It makes me laugh that People basically wrote an article refuting a (very click-bait-y) article that another publication has been pushing all week: No, the Queen Doesn’t Have Legal Custody of Her Great-Grandchildren!

Meghan’s Mirror put together an amazingly complete round up of the Duchess’s beauty products. (I love that she allegedly uses this Leonor Grayl product because we had Bex using that brand in The Royal We. Am I beauty product psychic?!?!)

Speaking of products Meghan likes, you should probably know that Nordstrom is carrying Strathberry bags now, which is NOT helping my willpower as far as not buying one goes.

At Hello! this is my JAM! Pictures of the interiors of royal homes.

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