As promised in Royals Round-Up, Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi (Princess Caroline’s son) had their civil wedding ceremony this weekend (the religious ‘do is happening on her family’s island next weekend, because if your family owns an island, then obviously you hold at least one of your weddings there, right? Remind us to eventually write a book that involves a wedding on a private island, okay?). Thus far there has been but one photo thereof, although I am on the lookout for more. I obviously demand all angles of anyone’s wedding dress, over which, ideally, to coo.

Until then, from the Valentino folks (surely operating with bridal permission):

Yeah, yeah, you two are so happy and gazing into each other’s face and WILDLY IN LOVE or whatever, but turn around so I can see the front of your dress, lady!

WISH GRANTED, thanks to Trendecias:

It might look a wee bit like a nightgown/bed jacket for my taste? But I like, and am not surprised by, the fact that she went fairly non-traditional. Whenever I think of the Casiraghi wives, I think of that sort of Extremely Expensive Boho thing that Vogue loves and hardly anyone can actually pull off, and that extends to the color of this dress and also to her floral wreath.  I suspect her gown for the religious ceremony next weekend might go more Full Bridal.

Parenthetically, The Casiraghi Wives would make a much better ABC soap than their current experiment with astronauts’ wives. Just think of it: Princess Caroline (allegedly) hates her current spouse but won’t divorce him because (allegedly) she doesn’t want to lose her HRH title. Her previous husband, Stefano Casiraghi, Pierre’s dad, died in a motor boating accident, after which he was supposed to retire, and mere days after he ALMOST died in a boat explosion. (In the soap, obviously, this was murder, because…wow. It’s so sad; he was only 30.) Pierre’s sister Charlotte is, of course, the very beautiful Gucci model/equestrienne. Beatrice’s family, as previously noted, OWN A ISLAND and her Dad is a count. Pierre’s brother Andrea’s Wiki page notes, “In 2011, [Andrea] was named the second most beautiful male royal of all time by the, behind Prince Carl Philip,” so it’s possible he’s the one character who spends a lot of time writing his own Wikipedia page. (I mean, they’re both very handsome, but ALL TIME? I think this very scientific list might be biased in favor of people who are still alive.)  His wife, Tatiana Santo Domingo, has a net worth of over two billion dollars. (Seriously. Her grandfather is the second richest man in Colombia.) Aunt Princess Stephanie is…you know, Princess Stephanie. Add in the possibility that Aunt Charlene once may have wanted to escape the country, throw everyone in the blender of the French Riviera, and PULSATE. I’d watch.

[Photo: Valentino’s Instagram, Trendencias’ Twitter]