Rihanna does sometimes fall into a rut. My mind’s eye is conjuring a time of slip dresses, for example, from not long ago — you know, minimalist, satin, probably the threat or promise of nipple. And right now, it’s Floof and Poof. I wouldn’t exactly say I love it, but this purple Molly Goddard dress is at least a better variation on a couple things she’s worn already, including a green one from the same designer. It’s also referencing this pink number from one of the Valerian premieres — right down to similar but not-identical footwear snaking up her legs — and notes of this Cannes Dior, among others. Discussing her is like discussing wine: bright on the palate with a subtly smooth finish, pocked with grape and lavender undertones. Rihanna Spectator magazine gives it a 92.

Rihanna busts out for dinner in Dumbo, Brooklyn

And THIS is a cross between what she wore to one of her Fenty shows a year ago, and that red Giambattista Valli boob-masher from Valerian’s UK premiere (which ALSO is kin to the top one). Well, whatever. I don’t care what she makes, really, as long as she keeps cooking. Life with Rihanna is infinitely more entertaining than without, even if that means her poor boobs are being juiced like stubborn oranges.

[Photos: Backgrid]

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