Listen, no one knows more than I do that Rihanna has had many a hairstyle — and she has looked great in all of them, due to being Rihanna and having that face.  Also, the internet just informed me that Rihanna has had this haircut for like a month now, and I’m not sure how I missed it: My Rihanna Pixie Cut Google Alert must be broken. However! It’s never too late to note that, for me, this is the iconic Rihanna hair situation, in that it’s the hair that I imagine on her when I visualize Rihanna. (Everyone has an Iconic Hair Situation. Even us civilians!)  She looks essentially great, even though this outfit feels a tiny bit as if she’s wrapped a server’s apron around her lingerie after a very weird evening out.

[Photo by: Dario/TheBigShotApp/Shutterstock]