I’m a bit surprised Rihanna didn’t wear her own Fenty line for this, but I think she shares a corporate parent now with Saint Laurent, so maybe it was a show of loyalty. Or maybe she was feeling animal print and didn’t have any kicking around with her own name on the label. There’s something askew and sloppy about this, in a way that completely works on her. Those necklines always make me want to tug something back into place, and I think her chest tattoo keeps tricking me into thinking there’s a lining poking out. But her sexy wild hair and the dark purple lip — which plays off the too-heavy boots — and her Rihanna aura all work together to elevate both the material AND the styling, somehow, into something that works. I want her to grab a microphone and a smoke machine, and tear into some Pat Benatar right now.

[Photo: Shutterstock]