Vogue’s Nicole Phelps wrote of this, “Owens’s models looked like a fabulous troop of aliens whose spaceship wrecked in the fog of the [Venice] Lido, and rather than send up a distress signal they decided to make the best of it by throwing a disco couture rave,” and honestly, there’s your movie logline right there. Some of the hanging puffer sleeves remind me of the way the robot’s arms moved in the original Lost In Space. There are crotch slings. Space shoulders. It would be ONE HELL of an indie and there are roles for everyone. Danai Gurira! Naomi Campbell! SWINTON! Vanessa Kirby! Viola Davis! Daniel Kaluuya! Timothee Chalamet! Saorse and MBJ and Idris Elba and anyone who’s even been in American Horror Story! Muppets! And a cameo from The Rock! Mostly I just want to SEE IT.

[Photos: Imaxtree]