It just must be so bizarre to get all trussed up and do every single red carpet interview, even knowing — and knowing we know that you know, and that you know we know you know — that you are not going to win. It could be a total relief, but isn’t it kind of the elephant in the room?

You wouldn’t know it by Reese’s face:

She was in a great mood, so maybe the suspense being over does wonders for your Oscars prep. And I really love this on her; she’s picked white or silver for all the big events (except the BAFTAs, when she wore purple), and this is the sleekest of them all on her. Someone on Twitter said it felt like a photonegative of her 2011 look, which I liked at the time, but which hasn’t aged very well for me. I’d take this one over that in a heartbeat, and unlike Julianne, she totally closed out this sucker on a high note.

With one quibble:

Her face looks GORGEOUS… for another event entirely. Like, a tea party, or a daytime premiere of the charming animated movie for which you voiced a character that looks nothing like you and may or may not be an animal. A crimson lip would’ve driven this thing home in style. In a PROPER limo, not one of those clunky Hummers that has a stripper pole in the back.

And like gajillions of other celebs in town, she also took in the Tom Ford show on Friday (we were invited to request credentials, which we did, for fun, and got THE NICEST rejection ever: “We are profoundly sorry that we are unable to accommodate you…”).

This isn’t ideal, but she fared significantly better than just about everyone else at this event. Maybe that’s because she had agree to wear him to the big dance, and everyone else was being PUNISHED. Revenge through fashion. I love it.

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