Yes, you should TOTALLY wear a shirt where your nipples are concealed solely by high-fashion whipped cream to meet Prince Charles and Camilla. That being said, before you, dear reader, delve into the recent assorted craziness of Jessie J, I DO have to draw your attention to the time Charles met the Spice Girls. That link goes to a YouTube video of said meeting, and it is….something that must be experienced. Posh is terrifically smile-y and keeps mugging for the camera, Scary asks herself to dinner at the Palace and is wearing a sherbet-colored suit with a bra top, Baby asks where William is not once but twice, and Ginger is dressed like a deranged figure skater mashed up with a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and she is OUT OF CONTROL. She even gooses the Royal bum! Sporty just spends the whole time looking that she wants to tell everyone to get a grip. It’s amazing. So we can at least be grateful that Jessie J didn’t goose anyone. Camilla would NOT HAVE HAD IT.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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