You cannot fault this woman’s lipstick (and hair, and general head) game. As you’ll notice in this slideshow, it is so on-point it could pirouette across the Lincoln Center stage.

But she’s wasting it on all that uninspired pizza. Cut off the overhang, make it a tank dress, and we can talk. Otherwise, it just looks like when you try to sop up the grease in the pepperoni with your napkin, and it turns totally clear.

She had bad luck with a non-sheer outfit, as well, unfortunately:

Are we completely sure she didn’t put that skirt on backward? And can we assume, if she did, it was an accident? Or one of those things where she walked around and didn’t notice it had slowly done a one-eighty on her body until it was too late to tug it back into place? Because to me, Supersize Pelvic Zip is a band name, not a garment idea.

[Photo: Getty]

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