I have a lot of thoughts about “Assassins,” and preeminent among them is that this episode, and the previous one, have been the two most emotionally satisfying and interesting ones of this season. Although I think the series started slowly, it’s ending with great strength, as finally we’re getting actual interpersonal interactions and fights and emotional confrontations between people who should have been having them all along. To that point, it has been noted that it is unfair of me to be judging this show for not being what I want it to be, and in a sense, I agree with that. You can’t get mad at a dog for not being a cow (unless you’ve come to the dog for a glass of milk). But part of the reason that I’ve wanted The Crown to be more emotionally focused is that I think everything works better if the emotions of the players are in focus. Breaking Bad is emotionally focused; Westworld is emotionally focused. Even the best documentaries, at their hearts, take into account human stories, even if the subject is not Lady Friendships or whatever. Emotions are how people — by and large — relate to other people; relationships inform history. Understanding relationships help us understand any story better.

Also, I like TV shows where people have heart-rending arguments.

So I’m excited to finally get to see people talking about their feelings, just as last week I was delighted to see Elizabeth FINALLY throw something at Phil’s stupid dumb idiot head. No shocker, but in this episode, he essentially continues to super suck, and it pays off for the viewer in some great scenes between the two of them.  You probably should have married Porchie, Liz.

In other news, this episode REALLY made me want to wear more tweed and dress like a horsey rich British lady. Which will look highly reasonable here in Los Angeles. Let’s discuss.

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