Kristen Bell guest-judged Project Runway the other day, and she said of herself that she thinks her style has a real punk aspect. She may have implied that she is, in fact, predominantly edgy.

Oh really? 

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That is about as edgy as a slice of bologna. Seriously, if there is an empty meadow anywhere in the world, the laws of the universe dictate that a girl in this very dress be beamed there to skip through it while twirling a daisy in her fingers (and, possibly, thinking about the side effects of herpes medication).
More importantly, this dress is the opposite of everything she claimed to be on Project Runway. Which is fascinating to me in light of the part of that same episode where the eventual winning design (!) was being discussed slavishly (!!) and with deep reverence (!!!). Want to see it?

Kristen Bell said of this heinous lingerie granny diaper catastrophe dress — and I may be paraphrasing but not much — “I would totally wear that on the red carpet.”

To that I say, “Please, Kristen. PLEASE. I dare you.”
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