Honestly…I love this. It’s very Over The Top and Cinderella-y and Maximum Princess, but this is also the premiere of her big Rom Com and when else are you gonna wear something so poofy and perfect? It also fits her like a dream, and her head looks great. Just let me have this!!!

'Love Again' special screening, New York, USA - 03 May 2023

I do need someone to explain to me how Celine Dion is involved in this film, though, because I feel like I keep walking into the room right after the ad has explained this, even though I haven’t left my spot on the sofa. I think it’s just that it contains new Celine music? For one heady moment, I did think that it was based on some obscure Celine song and I got excited but no. Please, Priyanka, if this does well, adapt “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now!”

[Photo by Gregory Pace/Shutterstock]